The Mystery Behind Morgellons Disease


What is Morgellons Disease?

Morgellons Disease is a skin condition that is indicated by lesions or rashes and a range of skin senses comprising of itching, biting, stinging, crawling and biting sensations under the skin. Recent studies show that the condition might be linked to a spirochetal bacterium, Borrelia.

What are the symptoms of Morgellons disease?

Some of the common symptoms of Morgellons Disease include appearance of small red, white, black or blue strands on, under or erupting from unbroken skin or lesions and the feeling of something crawling under the skin. There might also have a sense of being stung or bitten. Also, one may have other symptoms such as itching, fatigue, joint aches difficulty concentrating and loss of short-term memory.

What are the New Treatments for Morgellons Disease

The right medical treatment for Morgellons disease is not yet precise. However, there are two fundamental methods of treatment depending on what the doctor believes to be the cause of the disease. Doctors may use antibiotics to treat Morgellons Disease if they believe that an infection causes it. The bacteria may get killed and heal the skin sores. Antibiotics are seen as effective to some patients. Some patients with Morgellons disease also test positive for Lyme disease. Antibiotic treatment has been successful particularly in patients with chronic Lyme disease. However, in some patients the symptoms return after stopping treatment. Psychiatric medications or psychotherapy may be used on an individual who displays stress, anxiety or mental health issues or if they develop while coping with Morgellons Disease. Medications that are used in the treatment of tics or psychosis such as Pimozide or Olanzapine have been seen to be effective in the treatment of Morgellons Disease.

Are there Home remedies one use to manage Morgellons Disease?

The internet provides many lifestyles and home remedy recommendations for individuals with Morgellons Disease. However, the safety and effectiveness of the treatments are not guaranteed. It is imperative that an individual carries out recommendations that are widely researched. Moreover, there are numerous websites selling lotions, creams, wound dressings, pills and other treatments that are most times costly but have debatable benefits. It is important to avoid purchasing these products unless one is sure of their safety and worth the cost.

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