Can the Taoist Soap Help Morgellons Disease?


It has been time that Morgellons has been talked about on forums – but a common question is often asked relating to the Taoist soap, and how it can treat Morgellons disease, a skin condition relating to parasites invading the skin.

There is a lot of talk on Morgellons in the 90s, especially conspiracy theories on what it really is, and if it is a phycological thing or actually a skin disease. Some have said it is like Lyhmes disease or some sort of parasite invading the skin, and actually people were mistaken about it in the last decade on what it actually is – added to that, Doctors were not as knowledgable on what this can be and how to treat it. (Read more here:

A few years back, when the Taoist soap was talked about on the article on Humancure ( titled “How to Thicken Hair” – which talked about the natural ways which a man or women can do and not do, to help speed up hair growth, regrow hair and more – it also talked about the hair’s relation with skin and the scalp – if the scalp is healthy, hair itself will be healthy – and this is where some people wanted to buy the soap for skin conditions for anti-aging purposes, eczema or helping keep inflammation low on skin conditions – it worked like a charm where patients who were being treated by acupuncture doctors or oriental medical doctors where often found prescribing the Taoist soap for this purpose – so a large percentage of people did find it useful.

The problem arises is that there is a lot of talk on how to categorize morgellons disease, as some people have stopped using this term altogether, and just call it something else.

In the end – naming a disease is secondary – if you understand that there is inflammation, you can deal with the inflammation first – and then worry about other symptoms – it is way too often natural healing experts talk about treating the end cause – but actually it is more complicated than that – treating the symptoms such as inflammation on the skin, can often lead to reaching the end cause – and this methodology has worked even more powerfully on urgent cases where the disease is actually not known, and people are in panic.

We would say you can try to test the soap mentioned, but it is still best to do a test patch, where you test it on a strip of skin, and wash off – and see if you get any negative results during the 24 hour period – then afterwards, you can use it – this applies to all medicated and natural products – skin patch tests are important just to make sure suitability for your skin is matched – even in most extreme cases, custom made products should also be patch tested like this before use – obviously this means just the first time use – not every time – as some people misunderstand this too.

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