There are five various names Morgellons disease is known as; Morgellons, Morgellons disease, Morgellon, Morgellons syndrome or the Fiber disease, these are five common names for a (possibly infectious) debilitating skin disorder that was given its name around the year 2002. This name was given to this skin condition by Mary Leitao. People, who suffer from it, find themselves facing a number of different skin symptoms.

People who suffer from Morgellons skin disease tend to suffer from a number of sensations along the infected area. They are crawling, biting, and stinging feelings that are often called formications, by nonbelievers of the skin disorder. A formication is literally an unusual sensation that often mimics the feeling of insect on skin. This is medically well known even though it is unusual.

Different skin problems like rashes and lesions that just do not heal. In this case, treating them with over the counter medications does not heal them. When this happens you need to go talk with a doctor.

There will be things either underneath the skin or so that they can be extracted from the lesions. They include filaments that are fiber-like, as well as granules, or crystals.

You may suffer from things like pain in your joints, muscle, or even connective tissue. This can often include things like fibromyalgia, which is a chronic widespread pain.

If you have Morgellons, then there is a chance that you will also suffer from a devastating fatigue. You may also suffer from something called Cognitive dysfunction. This means that you may have difficulty with concentrating, a problem with your short term memory, and a problem with paying attention. Many morgies call this brain fog.

Talking to a dermatologist, you will often find that they don’t support Morgellons as a real true disease. In fact, when you go to get treatment, it is much more likely that you will be treated for Delusional Parasitosis.

First your doctor will run a few tests to be sure that your skin problems are not caused by any of the known organic causes.

Next your doctor will prescribe you an antibiotic. It could be something like pimozide; this is a favorite because it is an antipsychotic as well as preventing the feeling of itching. It could also be that your doctor just treats you with an antipsychotic to keep you from feeling the buggy sensations. It is actually being recommended that dermatologists change the name to Morgellons just so that people wouldn’t refuse treatment. Nobody likes to think that they are delusional, and a change in name won’t be so offensive.

Another way doctors treat it is by concluding that it is an infectious disease. This is because there are a large and growing number of people who refuse that the diagnosis could be Delusional parasitosis. For this, people undergo a series of antibiotics, antifungal, and anti-parasitic medications. Often there will also be herbal supplements and light therapy.

You may also find that some doctors will put a cast over the infected area for four weeks or more. The thought behind this is that the rashes or lesions will be able to heal without being bothered by the person.

If you believe that you have Morgellons skin disease, you should find an understanding doctor as soon as you can, to keep it all from getting any worse than it already is.

“I would lay in the bed and it felt like an army of ants just crawling over the bed, all over my body,”
“It never goes away,”, “It doesn’t die, it doesn’t leave.”
“creepy and constant sensation of bugs crawling under my skin”
“I was so humiliated from the three doctors that I went to, that I just refused to go back,”
“I’m absolutely disappointed, disillusioned and very, very angry at the medical community,”
“They’d look at me and say, ‘Its dry skin, quit worrying about it.’ I’m saying, ‘This is the weirdest dry skin I’ve ever seen in my life!’”

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Morgellons Pictures
Picture of Morgellons

Morgellons is a disease that is fairly new as diseases go. It was first reported around 2001 and to this day nobody can determine its cause, how to cure it, or even what it is. It’s characterized by itchy rashes, strange fibers that protrude from the skin, lethargy, the feeling of bugs crawling under their flesh and more. Some people have mild cases of Morgellons and some have extreme cases; but both groups have something in common: They don’t have the answers they seek. The medical community for the most part, dismisses them.

Many doctors say it’s all in the patient’s head. The fibers, they say, came from your bed or something similar . Yet these “fibers” don’t look or feel like regular thread at all. The symptoms, the experts say, are all manifested in the patient’s mind. Yet everyone who suffers from Morgellons stresses otherwise. They are suffering, and they want help that they’re not getting. Only recently did the CDC begin seriously investigating this horrible affliction. The only thing these people can do is take pictures and hope there’s a community out there of others just like them.

Morgellons pictures are appearing on the internet at an ever increasing rate. That’s because the disease seems to be spreading. Yet the CDC hasn’t yet characterized it as a disease, let alone an infectious one. So these people who have no idea what’s going on with their bodies take pictures of their symptoms. They’ll take pictures of the rashes, the odd fibers that are coming from their skin. What they can’t capture through photographs is the pain they feel, the feeling that there are insects under their skin, and the utter lack of hope because nobody has any answers.

You can find morgellons pictures with a Google search. People have started blogs and forums strictly for other Morgellons sufferers so that others can find hope in the fact that someone else is going through what they are. These pictures are then picked up by Google. When you search for pictures, you have to do so with an open mind and a strong stomach. The sores and the fibers and the other symptoms the sufferers experience are disturbing. One can only imagine what a person goes through when they have those sores and don’t know how to get rid of them.

When something like Morgellons appears and nobody seems to have any answers, the internet gives people an opportunity to find others like them. These forums and blogs filled with horror stories and pictures that have popped up all over the internet, have allowed others to see that they’re not alone. And that’s very important. That’s why, if you think you’re suffering from Morgellons, you should get online. Search for Morgellons or Morgellons pictures and hopefully you’ll find others just like you, so that you don’t think you have to endure this horrible disease all by yourself.

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